Friday, January 17, 2014

Norns caesarean (saving the egg from a dead pregnant Norn)

I read a post today on (the awesome) Discover Albia blog and got slightly depressed by a random statement about the grief of loosing a pregnant Norn along with her egg.

Not that it happened that much to me, maybe once at worst.Yet this was the wake up call I needed to be ready should this ever happen.
So here's some CAOS black magic that will help you saving the egg from a pregnant Norn that passed away before getting to term.

By the time two Norns kisspop, a new child genome is generated with the "new: gene" command.
This means as soon as it's conceived, there already exists a genome file in your genetics folder, fully describing what the child will be.

The female is considered pregnant as soon as it's "Baby" variable is nonzero (it is set to the baby's moniker by the kisspop script)

Setting a female pregnant is just a matter of running the "setv baby tokn oxer" command, where "oxer" is the wanted child genome (Here the purple mountain Norns one).

Aborting an unwanted pregnancy is as simple as "setv baby 0" (I'm not judging, the need might arise)


Albia, the only place where immaculate conception is likely to have ever occured.

But I digress.

Basically all of this is good news, as we've already seen that it is possible for us to generate eggs from arbitrary genomes.

This means that even if you didn't act on time, you could easily recreate the lost baby In-vitro by looking up it's genome in a family tree.

We will be trying another approach though.

Forcing a stuck pregnancy is pretty easy.As seen in the egg generating article, it's just a matter of injecting the female Norn with a copious amount of progesterone (indicator of pregnancy progression), which will automatically trigger her "Lay an egg" involuntary action ( the corresponding script has the 4 0 0 65 classification ) once a given threshold is reached.

Reactivating a stuck pregnancy

Unfortunately for us, dead Norns don't react to involuntary actions triggers anymore (and that would be damn creepy anyway).Yet on a brighter note, death of the mother doesn't automatically kill the egg.

We will need to mimic the egg laying process manually.
We can do this by revamping the original egg laying script and removing mother related parts that are not needed anymore :

enum 4 1 2,doif dead gt 0,doif baby gt 0,sys: camt,dde: putv baby,setv var0 baby,setv var1 posl,addv var1 16,setv var2 limb,rndv var3 0 5,mulv var3 8,new: simp eggs 8 var3 2000 0,pose 0,setv clas 33882624,setv attr 64,setv obv0 var0,setv obv1 0,subv var2 hght,mvto var1 var2,slim,evnt targ,tick 900,dde: negg,endi,endi,next

Long story short, this scripts looks through all your female Norns, and if one is both dead and pregnant, it lays it's egg as if it had naturally occurred, giving a chance to the otherwise lost offspring.
If you want more information on what all of this means, just check out the birth process explanation on the egg generation article

You will have to act quick when death occurs, before the Norn disappears for good.
Just use any of your favorite tools to inject the preceding CAOS script, and a healthily egg should pop out by the unfortunate mother.

Should you miss the opportunity , you will have to investigate your Norns family tree, to find out the baby's genome moniker and revive it through other means.

That's an useful if creepy tool to have under your belt.
I really hope you'll never have to test it out.

Great... I'm yet more depressed about dead Norns now ...
At least some of them will now have a chance :)
Take great care of them !

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