This page keeps all reference material in a netaly organised place.

Creatures 1 & 2 sys:cmnd ID's : A list of ID's to use with the sys:cmnd CAOS command, those allow you to run any ingame command available through the game menus ( and some more such as world switching, instant vocabulary, or infinite scrolling )

The Creatures 2 .egg file format: In C2, .egg files can be used to distribute unhatched Norns, genomes and breeds.Learn how to generate those files inside your programs.

The Creatures 1 Chemicals.txt file format: This files holds all C1 chemicals names and descriptions.Learn how to get them out of it ! ( Note that the most up to date file is the chemicals.str one, but it doesn't inculde chemical descriptions)

The Creatures 1 spr file format: .spr files contain all of C1 graphics.
This article explains the file format, palette interpretation and how to get actual pictures out of those files.

The Creatures 1 Photo Album files:
They contain the pictures for all Norn's photo albums.
This article contains explanation about the file format, and warns against some bugs in it that might lead to corrupt files when editing an album too much inside the Owner's kit.

The Creatures 2 GameLog file : The GameLog file contains a list of all main events happening in Albia such as Birth, deaths, exports, ageing and getting a name.This page shows how the data is organised and how to get it out of the file for your own use.

The Creatures 2 "History file" format:There's much information stored in each creature's history file, among which : mum and dad names and monikers, all lifestage dates, owner information, epitaphe and grave photo information, and even a list of the chemicals found inside your Norn when it died.Usefull for performing autopsies! The article explains the file structure and shows examples on how to get data out of the file.
Other articles on the site build upon that to automate Norn genealogy.

Creatures 2 Chemicals names and descriptions : Those two articles show how to extract the chemical names and description from the Creatures 2 "allchemicals.str" and "chemicals.def" files.

The Creatures 2 .s16 file format:
In Creatures 2, .s16 files contain all of the game graphics.This article explains how to get them out of there.

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